Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Nowadays Getting a Job and finding a right Candidate for the same is very difficult and the gap between the two is increasing day by day. In India around 1.5 Lakh  students are graduated from Engineering stream alone. When we consider overall fields the number increases to 10+ Lakh students each year. Among this passed outs only 20-25% get a Job and rest keep on struggling throughout till they get a Job. The scamsters are everywhere and they are here to.... They promise a job in the name consultancy and cheat the students giving them even more frustration.

With the rise of so many jobless graduates and postgrads... (even Ph.D. people not getting a job) the horrendous situation aris and then there is only competition and competition everywhere. It can seen when around 22 lakh applications were received for the post PEON in UP and among them around 2 lakh were engineers and many Ph.D. students. 


With so many problems around there are lots of opportunities too..... With Indian government taking best of the steps to increase the investment in country and also the START UP INDIA initiative will create many Job opportunities in coming years. 

There is also increasing trend of finding a online job as part time job and there are many websites offering a best and very innovative way of finding a job or finding a right talent for your company. All have to check the genuineness of the website before going or paying any fees, The websites like.....
  • eLance
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
are giving very good opportunities to find a job and to hire a candidate. They offer you a job on their platform as per your skills and people find you and hire you on hourly or daily basis. Some of the IT companies are hiring candidates right from them as they test the skills of the candidate and then give Job.

Even the startups like, Flipkart, are creating many of such opportunities..........